It’s not often I write about music anywhere, (especially not on my blog!) but if it’s flawless I just have to.

Queen B released, as you may have heard, her new album Beyoncé last friday. I didn’t understand a thing. Beyoncé? New Album? Not only are the songs amazing but doesn’t she just look like a freaking bomb in the videos too? God bless that woman. All hail the Queen!

Have you listened to her new album? Did you like it? xx


I’ll be up up and away



My previous four trips from this year and last year
Cefalu, Italy 2012/New York, USA 2012/Washington D.C., USA 2013/New York, USA 2013


Tomorrow is the day! I’m flying up and away to no other place than Hawaii. I expect to come home with an amazing and fabulous travel diary for all of you. I’m thinking palms, the beach and of course some great shopping! I hope you’ll have an amazing time (I might que a post or two when for you when I’m gone).

Would you like a guide/travel diary when I get back? Let me know! xx

(P.s. this is my song obsession for the trip: Kid Cudi – Up Up & Away)