My make-up essentials

Like many other girls, I wear make up almost every day. Even though i’ve done this probably 4-5 years, it’s now that I’ve really found the best make up products. I thought i would share my favorites with you guys!

Make-up brushes: Sephora. I’ve had these for so long and I think they are perfect.
Eyebrow pen: Sephora. I found this one a couple of months ago, and it has the perfect color! I love the little brush you get with it too.
Eyeshadow: Urban Decay, Naked 2. This palette should be in every single girls house. The colors are so versatile both for nighttime and daytime!
Bronzer: Sephora. This one doesn’t give that much color on the first stroke which makes it easier to adjust the darkness (so you don’t look like a cookie).
Eyelash curler: Sephora. (No explanation needed).
Lipstick: Chanel. Gives color, but not too much, doesn’t dry out your lips and i think it smells really good. What’s not to like?
CC cream: Lumene. I got this one from a goodiebag and i think it’s a great alternative to foundation. It’s light and doesn’t dry out your skin.
(Make up bag: Victoria’s Secret.)

Do you like my favorites? Do you have other makeup must haves? Tell me!


4 thoughts on “My make-up essentials

    • Yes, i did check out the new one. I’m not sure since i have a “red toned” skin and hair (or what to call it) i don’t think the reds will look good on me. But i am tempted hehe 😀 Thank you!! :*

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